Today, with a speed exceeding all forecasts, the digital world is on its way to becoming
the first energy consumer as well as the first polluter on the planet


ITrium® is the story of an entrepreneur, passionate about the IT and scientific world. ITrium®… The name is directly inspired by the chemical element, Yttrium (atomic number 39). ITrium® is the story of a rare desire to combine cutting-edge technology with ecological responsibility.

Its founder is particularly sensitive to the environmental damage generated by the use and production of computer data.

“In the ITrium® program, I really put all my expertise to create an ultra-modern building housing a high-performance datacenter that drastically limits its environmental impact in its discharges as well as in its consumption. ITrium® is a real technological breakthrough! “ F. DELPEYROUX, CEO ITrium®

Because there is an emergency in this matter! Through its technology, ITrium® brings a solution to this challenge.

Why continue to pollute our planet ?


7,2 million, is the number of data centers currently in operation worldwide. They alone represent the 4th largest source of electricity consumption on the planet. Moreover, according to Gartner, and taking into account the foreseeable deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT), we will go from 9.4 billion connected objects today to over 15 billion by 2025. In order to meet this galloping inflation, datacenters are devouring more and more energy all over the world and their impact on the environment is increasingly visible and worrying.

Breakdown of GHG in the digital sector
img observation


  • 8.7 billion liters of water were consumed for Google’s data centers in three U.S. states in 2019
  • 5.53 billion liters of water are used by Google in Texas
  • 50% of the electricity produced in a nuclear power plant is used to power GAFA datacenters in Sweden


  • 20% of the world’s electricity will be consumed by the Internet
  • 10% of greenhouse gases will be produced by data centers
  • 600 billions liters of water will be used each year for the cooling of data centers

And what about the projections for 2030 and 2050?
All this is quite alarming, and we absolutely must act by proposing other models. As far as datacenters are concerned, we need to change the way servers are cooled to drastically reduce energy consumption and the resulting pollution.