The first building of the ITrium® program will be located in Ile-de-France region. It will bring together for the first time three main activities:
an immersed datacenter, connected offices, and a space dedicated to art and business


This first building, located in Ile-de-France, aims to be the technological showcase of Immersion Cooling in France. The life of ITrium® will be punctuated by 3 activities:

  • A fully immersed data center
  • Connected offices
  • Events around Art and Business

The architecture of the building has been defined with an atrium essential articulation for the building program and its use. This atrium is the heart of the project, defined by an atrium. Its transparency creates a link between the surroundings and energizes the different activities proposed in the whole building. The atrium allows not only the resident employees, but also the tenants and visitors to live a unique and dynamic experience.

On the top floor, the “rooftop”, welcomes you for a moment of relaxation and meeting, offering a panoramic view on the green surroundings. It will be a privileged place of exchange and it will allow you to organize professional events in a pleasant and friendly environment.


ITrium® will be the world’s first next-generation, environmentally friendly digital production facility. This new technology for cooling computer servers has the following advantages :

  • No CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • No water consumption
  • No temperature variation of the electronic equipment
  • No humidity, no dust, no noise
  • No corrosion, no oxidation

By installing an immersed datacenter, our customers will considerably reduce their operating costs, compared to traditional datacenters (air cooling). Because of its ease of maintenance and installation, the ITrium® construction is truly revolutionary since, unlike all existing data centers, the building does not require :

    • Specific air treatment machinery
    • Air conditioning system to create hot and cold aisles
    • Computer rooms equipped with false ceilings, technical floors, and chemical extinction systems
    • Humidity and air quality control system
    • Fire walls and doors

The infrastructure is very simple, much less expensive and above all, respectful of nature and the environment.


ITrium® offers a range of integrated services. Its connected platforms are equipped to manage the computing power of its tenants, with a permanent concern for the environment. Office space can be connected to the ITrium® eco-responsible datacenter. Operating costs will thus be controlled and optimized.
On the floors where natural light is favored, collaborative and co-creative spaces are designed so that everyone can exchange and meet in optimal working conditions. Each floor can be designed around the specific needs of each tenant with significant flexibility to define individual work spaces and group work spaces.

The workspace can be divided into four activity zones: concentration, collaboration, meeting and relaxation.

Concentration : hybrid office layouts with a balanced mix of open spaces, closed offices and other spaces.
Collaboration : spaces for teamwork to better meet, gather and share ideas.
Meeting : spaces to meet more formally.
Relaxation : customization of layouts so that breaks can also be taken during the day.

ITrium® differs from other office buildings in that it provides office space connected to its own data center.


Proud of its avant-gardism and its state of mind, ITrium® also claims in its premises the cultural impact with the business world. Art and business have two things in common: passion and creativity. Through ITrium®, we want to bring together Art and Business. In the atrium, you will find a high-quality architectural decor. Here, murals, sculptures, materials and plants contribute to create an elegant and refined space. Exhibitions and after works will be in the spotlight. Buffets or cocktail parties will enhance these moments.

Exchange is at the heart of this initiative. The goal is to bring together visitors around the artists who exhibit with potential buyers or collectors.


Through these meetings in the ITrium®, gallery, networking and exchanges will be facilitated. The programming of the exhibitions will always be coherent with the cultural, artistic and/or scientific news and in the innovative and ecological spirit of ITrium®.